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Looking for the property of your dreams? Jumia House offers a wide choice of properties for rent and for sale in Morocco. Jumia House is an innovative property search tool that will help you to rent, buy and sell online houses, villas, riads, apartments, commercial premises and land. Real estate being a constantly changing market, Jumia House presents new listings regularly updated in places like Casablanca, Marrakesh or Agadir. You can look for the property that you dream of easily by filtering by region, city, area, size, price, pictures and other options.  

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Find properties in our quality listings in Morocco. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment, to buy a villa, or acquire land, Jumia House provides you with accurate information such as price, size, and other characteristics, in every city and region of Morocco. You can contact our agents by email or teleephone. They will make you enjoy the best network in the Moroccan real estate market. At Jumia House, we do everything so that you get the best real estate service possible. Through quality ads and updates, we want you to enjoy an experience allowing you to easily find your property.

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Jumia House offers a diverse selection of properties in the best locations in Morocco. Whether you want to rent a luxury riad in Marrakesh or buy an apartment in Casablanca, you will find the property for you on Jumia With us, you will be connected with experienced and trusted real estate agents who will present their choice of apartments, houses, villas, riads or land. In addition to the wide choice of properties, Jumia House keeps you informed of the latest offers and news. You can also find relevant articles in our Journal. With Jumia House, you’re just one click away from turning your dream into reality !

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